About Melissa

Melissa Hendricks Brent founder of MH Landscape Design, LLC
Melissa Brent
Founder of MH Landscape Design, LLC

Melissa Brent, founder of MH Landscape Design LLC, has always had a passion for horticulture. As a child, she learned about plant species and vegetable gardens from her parents and grandparents; from a very young age she loved being outdoors in the company of plants.

In the summer of 1997, Melissa had her first exposure to the commercial side of the industry—taking employment at a garden center in her hometown of Armonk, NY. She went on to specialize in Horticulture & Landscape Design at the University of Connecticut. After graduating, Melissa set off to gain experience in professional landscaping, working for a small firm out of Westchester County. The next five years were spent caring for estate landscapes in New York and Connecticut.

Nearly ten years later, in 2007, Melissa realized it was time to start her own business and execute her own unique visions in the field. She enrolled in Landscape Design & Drawing classes at the Botanical Gardens in The Bronx, NY and founded MH Landscape Design LLC.

Today, MH Landscape Design is on its way to becoming an industry leader in residential landscape design, perennial gardens, and container gardening. The company’s mission statement is to deliver the landscape visions of its clients with professional guidance that stand the test of time. It’s not about planting for a profit. It’s about helping clients achieve a higher level of satisfaction from their outdoor living areas.